Friday, November 26, 2010

Very Long Week

I've had a very long week this week so haven't posted yet. My supervisor at work was away this week so I was doing all of her hours. It was good I enjoyed it, but i'm very tired! I didn't do much training at all this week either. Last week I signed up for the Fitness First Outdoor Training program. I was going to do it back in march, but they never got the program up and running, then it was winter, then last month I couldn't afford it because I bought my car. So this month I said I was definitely going to do it. This program has replaced their bootcamp program.

I love outdoor and circuit style training so I am very excited to be doing it. I have already done 2 sessions and they have been really good. They are at 6am though so it has been hard trying to get my body used to getting up at 5:30am, one of the other reasons I am so tired! The days I do training and have to open at work are very rushed in the morning, but I always feel very invigorated afterwards. 

I ordered some new number plates a couple of weeks ago and I finally got them the other day! I'm so excited they look awesome. They are a "raspberry" colour and I also personalised the content.

Having a nice relaxing day today, probably won't be doing much!

Nicola xx

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