Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rain, Hail or Shine

Today it was rain. Yes, it was pouring, and we still trained outdoors. I got up this morning and thought for a second if I wanted to go, or if it would be on, but remembered that Rob said if we ABSOLUTELY can't train outdoors, we will go to the gym instead. So either way, he would have something for us to do. And I would have felt guilty the rest of the day if I didn't go. It was pouring as I was driving there, and I'm like, surely we won't actually TRAIN in this, we will get sick! I arrived and saw Rob setting up some stuff, in the rain, on the oval. I'm like 'Ok, so we ARE actually training in the rain'.

It's really not as bad as you think it will be. I warmed up before the wetness made me cold, it was just annoying getting back into my car wet and making it all dirty. I started with my hoodie on, then stripped that off pretty quickly. It was a hard session though. I am stuffed at the end of these sessions, they are really good. I am always sore somewhere the next day, I really don't feel up to any training the days in between. I'll see how I go next week when i'm more used to it.

On another good note, I got my results today for my Diploma and I passed! I am so excited. I applied for Uni on the weekend and now I have to send a copy of my results to UAC to show that I passed. Good day today :)

Oh yeah and Federer beat Nadal the other day to take out the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals! Federer has been losing a lot to him lately so this is awesome! I'm so excited for him.

Cannot believe christmas is almost here, this year has gone so quickly. It's insane. March seems so close now, you think you have forever till next year, and then all of a sudden it's only like 12 weeks away. Eek.

Nicola xx

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